Bark Bus Express Application Package

What's in it?

Canine Questionnaire

This is the first section of the Application and gives you the opportunity to provide us with the basic facts about your dog, likes and dislikes, activity level, commands etc. The information that provides us insight to we to make their day as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Also included is the:

Bark Bus Express Pet Care Agreement

A very simple form that all owners looking for Daycare or Boarding at any facility must complete. An owners affidavit stating that your dog has never attacked another person or dog, that you feel he or she is of adequate health to participate in the services that we offer, and that you will not abandon your dog at our facility.

Lastly the:

Bark Bus Express Medical Release

In the event a medical emergency presents itself concerning your pet, Bark Bus Express will have the right to seek medical attention at the closest available veterinary hospital.