About Us

Quality of Life

Bark bus Express was founded on the principles of providing your dog with a rewarding and enriching experience. We believe that dogs should be dogs and explore, sniff and romp in the great outdoors and not in a humanized indoor facility.  There are many of these beautiful indoor facilities. We do not offer such amenities. Indoor we offer no frills, outdoor we offer them the world. We have a fully trained staff poised to take your dog on an exciting daily adventure. As the owner, I am always available to you by phone for any questions you might have during and after business hours. I am fully engaged in the daily activities, not in an office doing paperwork somewhere. I make it my business to know you and your dog to ensure all of their needs are met.

Exercise is the key ingredient

Most behavioral issues researchers say come down to one simple thing, proper exercise and stimulus. Our clients #1 praise over and over again is how calm and happy their dog is after a day of play outdoors with us. Your dog enjoys a fresh experience by our rotating park schedules. We visit Afton Forest Preserve, Merritt Prairie, Burlington Prairie, Knute Olson, Russell Woods, Franklin Grove and many more. We also go on extended excursions once or twice a month to central Illinois for thousands of acres of beautiful scenery, such as Starved Rock. In the mornings and late afternoons we are at home base for a short period to await arrivals/departures. The rest of the day we will be exploring, hiking, romping, swimming, having doggy picnics midday for snacks and rest and then continue on.

Because it Matters

You have a million things to fill your day. Your dog only has you. So while your away give your dog the gift of cage free life for the day to enjoy socialization, playing outdoors in the fresh air and an excellent mental well-being making your evenings at home pleasant by receiving back a happy and tired doggy that thanks you for it with all the wags and kisses and without the anxiety and high maintenance behavior.